Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Kaufman Rossin

Kaufman Rossin values diversity, equity and inclusion as integral parts of its culture and keys to success.


The firm’s diversity, equity and inclusion initiative started in December 2015 with a vision to foster an inclusive culture that encourages different perspectives and enables all of our employees to thrive professionally and personally, regardless of their backgrounds. We believe a diverse and inclusive culture not only makes our firm better for our employees, but also positively contributes to our client service and ultimately drives our business.

In February 2020, Kaufman Rossin CEO Blain Heckaman signed the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™ pledge as a further sign of his commitment and the firm’s commitment to this important issue.

Today Kaufman Rossin’s Diversity Equity and Inclusion Council (DEI Council) leads the inclusion and diversity initiative. Three committees composed of employees from various departments, levels and roles help bring the vision to life:

    • Culture committee – takes the lead on communications, education and awareness, including monthly KR Real Talks – virtual conversations that serve as an open forum for employees to discuss important topics such as racial equity, mental health and challenges facing women in the workplace.
    • Pipeline development and progression committee – targets improved opportunities for advancement, including developing sponsorship/mentorship programs and partnering with HR on inclusive recruiting and enhancing performance management.
    • Employee Resource Groups – (ERGs) offer opportunities for peers who share similar beliefs, backgrounds, life experiences/circumstances or other affinities to connect and support one another. These groups provide access to role models and peers, an outlet to share experiences and perspectives, and a way to increase awareness and buy-in with other firm members on inclusion and diversity issues.

All employees are invited to participate in the firm’s inclusion and diversity initiative, either by attending events and training sessions, contributing to the conversation, joining a committee or getting involved with an employee resource group. ERGs need champions to help run the group, members to join the group, and allies to commit to listening and learning.

Current ERGs at Kaufman Rossin include:

Reach out to a council member or Kaufman Rossin’s HR team to learn more about the firm’s diversity, equity and inclusion initiative.