Life Insurance

Have you considered how life insurance fits into your financial plan?

Our advisors can help you evaluate your insurance strategy and develop a comprehensive plan designed to meet your specific goals.

Life insurance can be a strategic tool to assist your estate with:

  • Estate tax and estate planning: Create immediate liquidity, maintain family harmony, safeguard other assets, or fund trusts for beneficiaries.
  • Business succession and buy-sell agreements: Provide cash for business or surviving owners to purchase deceased owner’s interest.
  • Charitable giving: Fund charitable bequests to non-profit organizations or private foundations.
  • Wealth protection: Protect and preserve assets for future generations. A life insurance policy can also make it easier for your loved ones to continue living the lifestyle they’re accustomed to after you’re gone by replacing lost income, in most cases income-tax free and potentially estate-tax free.

And if you haven’t considered life insurance as part of your investment portfolio, keep in mind life insurance can have some unique tax advantages that can go toward paying for college or creating personal pensions.